Le Guide Du VR - The magic happens at the RV Show

Le Guide Du RV has an interesting article highlighting Gala RV’s Montecarlo.

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The magic happens at the RV Show

The white blanket covering the Quebec City region this morning might suggest that winter isn’t over yet. We know the magic formula that will make it disappear, guaranteed! The Quebec RV Show!
Dozens of RVs of all kinds await you at the Salon des passionnés de VR at Centre de Foires Expocité until Sunday. The RV Guide had several favorites among all these recreational vehicles. We invite you to come and discover your favorites!


RV Guide favorites

The magnificent B-Class Montecarlo FB21, on a RAM ProMaster chassis.

The undisputed star of the show, the Quebec-built B-Class Montecarlo FB21 has a lot to boast about. A sumptuously designed, very Euro décor, where you won’t find a trace of wood. Materials that will never suffer the ravages of time and the elements, and against which water will have no hold.
In addition to its modern look, the FB21 is equipped with solar panels and a water supply ensuring exceptional autonomy for its occupants.

The ultra-light composite materials used to manufacture the various components of the RV have been borrowed from the marine industry. In this way, the manufacturer ensures that the components included in the vehicle’s construction will never be overwhelmed by odors and the effects of decomposition over the years. The materials used have also reduced the vehicle’s weight by 100 kg. The Terrebonne-based manufacturer offers 3 models in its Montecarlo catalog: the 1900LX, the 2100LX and the FB21. Gala RV is a subsidiary of Prestige VR, a group that has been in the RV business since 1988.


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