At Gala RV, we’re dedicated to building reliable Class B motorized vehicles that are backed by our professional service team.

Genuine Gala RV and other OEM caravan parts can be ordered from an authorized Gala RV dealer or by filling out the form below. To locate a dealer, consult our dealer locator. Please note that parts and accessories are only sold by authorized dealers.

All the parts and accessories found in our vehicles are selected according to high quality criteria to maximize the capabilities and longevity of your Gala Rv.


Many years of research and development have gone beyond the traditions of self-management, allowing you to enjoy an unparalleled freedom and nomadic lifestyle.


No safety component is overlooked – technological advances in safety are developed and applied to your vehicle to bring you peace of mind.


More than 30 years of experience behind the Gala Rv image. Passion and dedication go into the creation of every one of our vehicles, giving you exceptional peace of mind.


Due to the high volume of e-mails we receive on a daily basis, and the time required to properly research each request, it may take some time for one of our representatives to contact you. We appreciate your patience.

If you’re missing an owner’s manual for your Gala Rv, you can download a digital replacement (PDF) free of charge. Select your make and model in the “Manuals & Downloads” section to browse our archive of RV owner’s manuals.

For service, parts or warranty questions, Gala RV encourages customers to contact their local dealer.
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