Auto 123 - Montecarlo FB21: a revolutionary RV made in Quebec

On March 22, the renowned Auto 123 website published an excellent report on the Montecarlo.

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Montecarlo FB21: a revolutionary RV made in Quebec

For the moment, the Montecarlo FB21 is only distributed in Quebec, but Gala RV hopes to market its product across Canada By Daniel Rufiange, 2019-03-22.

The RV world, ironically enough, is a world unto itself. In the case of motorized products, we may be talking about vehicles we know well (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford F-Series, Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, etc.), but the reference points are not the same.

We’ll illustrate this with a few simple examples.

And then there’s everything else that eludes the neophytes that we consumers are. However, one thing is the same between the RV and automotive industries: things evolve rapidly, and manufacturers are always trying to innovate by offering products that push the limits or set standards.

Such is the case with the Montecarlo FB21 manufactured by Quebec-based Gala RV.


Montecarlo FB21 15

Photo : D.Rufiange

Bye bye wood
The Montecarlo FB21 is the first RV in the world to be designed without the use of wood for the interior structure.

Anyone who has ever camped with any type of RV knows just how much wood is an element that ends up taking its toll over the years; whether we’re talking about humidity, our climate, water infiltration, marrying this material with these realities is never a good deal.

By designing an RV using composite solutions and fiberglass, Gala VR is offering consumers a product that will undoubtedly be more durable.

And what’s even more interesting is that this is a Canadian creation. Gala RV, whose baby is the Montecarlo FB21, is based in Quebec.

Montecarlo FB21 05

Photo : D.Rufiange

A long process
The Montecarlo model has been on the market since the beginning of this decade, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the idea of making a wood-free variant was born in the mind of the company’s president and founder, Richard Garlarneau. Three years then passed before research and development began on the vehicle. “We defined the list of ultra-light synthetic materials to be used for this RV. This was followed by a lengthy process to hand-make the necessary molds and develop prototype one-piece parts for final assembly,” explains Richard Galarneau.

A year and a half later, the product was presented at the Montreal RV Show at the end of February.

Montecarlo FB21 03

Photo : D.Rufiange

Positive reaction
The Montecarlo FB21 was one of the undisputed stars of the show. The same will be true this weekend, when the Show makes a stop in Quebec City.

In short, the public reaction was more than positive. People noticed the quality of the product and sales were made on the spot. The public’s interest is real, and the idea of getting your hands on a vehicle that will be free from the problems inherent in the use of wood is very appealing.

The Montecarlo FB21 is priced at $134,950, an amount that may seem high to the uninitiated, but which is quite competitive in this unique universe.

Montecarlo FB21 09

Photo : D.Rufiange

A Ram ProMaster
Of course, because our mission is to be automotive-first, we couldn’t help questioning Gala RV’s choice of the Ram ProMaster over a product like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, for example. The answers provided by Jessica Galarneau, General Manager of Gala RV, were not lacking in relevance.

Basically, she explained that when designing a model, different products are considered, and that the interest of manufacturers is always important. In this case, the company had begun working with the Nissan NV in the early design phases of the Montecarlo. However, when the Ram ProMaster appeared on the market, we had a clean slate and embraced it.

And there are many reasons for this (and here are the simple examples promised above). Firstly, because of the product’s configuration (front-wheel drive), the absence of a drive shaft between the rear wheels and the engine means that the floor is lower. This is an obvious advantage in terms of space, but it also makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Considering the average age of the buyer, this element was of paramount importance.

Montecarlo FB21 04

Photo : D.Rufiange

The Ram ProMaster’s walls are also straighter, making it easier to fit cabinets capable of holding dishes inside. With the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, sacrifices would have had to be made in this respect.

And Ford? “The handbrake on the right-hand side of the driver’s seat means that it cannot swivel. This would not be practical with this type of product,” explains Jessica Galarneau.

That, in a nutshell, is why the Montecarlo FB21 benefits from the structure of a Ram ProMaster.

Montecarlo FB21 11

Photo : D.Rufiange

For the moment, the Montecarlo FB21 is distributed exclusively in Quebec by VR Prestige. However, the company intends to expand elsewhere in Canada before thinking of attacking the U.S. market.

With a unique and innovative product offering undeniable quality, it has the tools to make an interesting breakthrough.

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