Journal de Montréal - RV Montecarlo FB Gala: A 100% Quebec innovation

On Saturday February 23, the Journal de Montréal published an article about the launch of the RV Montecarlo FB 21 Gala.

Here is the full article:

Montecarlo RV FB Gala: A 100% Quebec innovation

Quebec-based Gala RV Montecarlo will be unveiling its all-new FB21 model at the Montreal and Quebec shows. This is the world’s first B-class vehicle to feature no wood at all in its layout. In fact, its interior components (such as storage cabinets and furniture) are made entirely of fiberglass rather than wood. This all-Quebec innovation, inspired by the marine industry (sailboats), minimizes the presence of moisture inside the vehicle.

Superior autonomy

The brand devoted over 17 months of research and development to fine-tuning this motorized model and endowing it with unique features. In this respect, its specialists had already demonstrated their avant-gardism by equipping RVs with lightweight components of impressive quality.

What’s more, the products in the Gala RV Montecarlo range are reputed to be among the most self-sufficient on the market, thanks to their high potential for capturing and retaining solar energy. Not to mention their vast water and wastewater tanks, with capacities almost twice those of competing vehicles.

In addition to the FB21, the manufacturer continues to offer the popular 1900LX and 2100LX models. Intended for nomads thirsty for the long haul, they stand out for their small size, autonomy and European design.”

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