Official launch of Montecarlo FB21

Quebec manufacturer Gala Conversions, based in the Lanaudière region and also known as “Gala RV”, is unveiling an all-new generation of the Montecarlo, the FB21, at the upcoming Montreal and Quebec City Recreational Vehicle Shows.

Produced at its Terrebonne plant, this new concept makes the Montecarlo FB21 the very first Class B recreational vehicle developed without wood in North America, Europe or Oceania – in fact, anywhere where the motorized home manufacturing industry is significant.

The original idea to create the Montecarlo FB21 was born in 2014, while research and development began three years later. “In 2017, we defined the list of ultralight synthetic materials used for this RV. This was followed by a long and arduous process of hand-making the necessary molds and developing prototypes of one-piece parts for final assembly,” explains creator Richard Galarneau passionately. Previously involved in the manufacture of performance boats made from ultralight composite materials, it was by transferring his know-how that Mr. Galarneau conceived the innovative technology featured in his new recreational vehicle.

The main attraction of this unique design is its focus on materials combining fiberglass and composites. As the use of natural materials such as wood is no longer necessary, the manufacturer ensures that the elements included in the vehicle’s construction will never be overwhelmed by decomposition odors over the years. What’s more, this new approach has reduced the vehicle’s overall weight by around 100 kg compared to its predecessor, the Montecarlo LX, itself renowned for its lightness. In fact, this very popular model is still in the Gala RV catalog.

The B-Class recreational vehicle segment is becoming increasingly popular with both short- and long-term travellers. Already renowned in the industry for its quality and concept, Montecarlo is taking a major step forward with its FB21, which will delight new owners for years to come!

A date not to be missed!

The Montreal Recreational Vehicle Show, February 28 to March 3 at the Palais des Congrès.

The Quebec City Recreational Vehicle Show, March 21-24 at Centre de Foires Expocité.

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