Journal de Montréal - RVs no longer afraid of potholes

On Sunday March 3, the Journal de Montréal published an article about the launch of the RV Montecarlo FB21 Gala.

Here is the full article:

RVs no longer afraid of potholes
We use more fiberglass to prevent infiltration

Recreational vehicles are becoming better adapted to Quebec roads, thanks in part to initiatives to reduce the number of seals that scoop out potholes. When an RV rolls over a pothole, the vehicle frame can move, sometimes cracking the seals, especially if they’ve already been dried out by the sun. This opens the door to water infiltration on the roof and in the walls, if maintenance has not been carried out. When infiltration goes undetected, mold can take over the vehicle, often costing tens of thousands of dollars. Quebec-based Gala RV has tackled the problem of water infiltration, and at the Salon du véhicule récréatif de Montréal is presenting Quebec’s first Class B vehicle to have no wood inside to prevent mold. In addition, the risk of a seal cracking is limited by its shell-like structure.

Long live fiberglass
“The vehicle arrives with its original structure. There are no joints. We make the openings to put in the air conditioning or ventilation, but it’s sealed with a sealant that’s really watertight,” says Gala RV president Richard Galarneau.

The vehicle is also a hundred kilos lighter than a similar model with wood, which reduces fuel consumption. (…)

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